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Current Officers

2010 Officers for Alaska Grange

Alaska State Grange 2010 Convention   May 1, 2010

Back Row (left to right): Dee Roberts, Jimmy Gentry, Connie McKee, Sandra Giddings, John Poirrier, Danelle Kirschner, Sig Restad, Nancy Graff, Laurie Restad, Brad Sworts, Don McKee.

 Front Row (left to right): Alice McKee, Ann Roberts, Kate Poirrier, & Anita Gentry.

 Not Pictured: Wendy Beverstock, Gaye Hunt, Leon LaSalle & Michael Kennedy.

These are most of those at the Convention at the North Pole Grange in 2010. Many are newly elected officers, but not all.

Master (President) John Poirrier

Overseer (Vice Pres.)- Brad Sworts

Secretary- Nancy Graff

Treasurer- Gaye Hunt

Lecturer-(Program Director) Norman Brown

Steward- Dee Roberts

Assistant Steward- Leon LaSalle

Lady Assistant Steward- Ann Roberts

Chaplain- Danelle Kirschner

Gatekeeper (Greeter)- Mark Restad

Flora- Wendy Beverstock

Ceres- Sandra Giddings

Pomona- Nantia Krisintu

Musician - Lindianne Sarno

Executive Committee-(terms expire in May of year indicated)

bulletMichael Kennedy, 2012
bulletLeon LaSalle, 2013
bulletSteve Albers (2014)


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