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2009 Annual Report
Two Rivers Grange #3

We had a great year. As you all know, some years are better than others. Our weather was not the best. But we had lots of attendance for our summer meetings. We have a great group of active members. They are so active in the community that winter meetings were kind of hard to do. Because of all the activities that came with sled dogs and children, we were all very busy.

This year the Two Rivers Grange #3 held one breakfast per month for the summer and we had lots of fun. We had some children help serve our guests. On one or two occasions, the Two Rivers Girl Scout Troop came and did community service by serving our guests.

The Two Rivers Girl Scout Troop asked us for some help. They needed some flags they could carry and be able to take for different activities. We were able to help them out. In turn, we received a plaque from the troop. This was a great honor.

Our Mutkala Fund is still a very important part of our community. We have helped out many students this year. For example, we have two young men who have been able to acquire Reindeer to raise and then sell for butchering. They gave us a very interesting report on their project. Another young man was able to go to a Ballet School in California and we had a young lady go to Porte Rico for a student exchange program for school. What great things we are seeing children do with just a little help! This is a wonderful tool that we have to help out our community.

We are looking forward to the year coming up - we have some more that everyone wants to do.

Next year will be the Two Rivers Grange #3's 50th Anniversary. We are looking forward to seeing you all (and many more) at next year's state meeting, which we are hosting at our grange hall.

Your Two Rivers Grange #3 Worthy Master,

Charlotte Strickland

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