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Joint Meeting of Granges 11 and 1, 10/5/2009


FINAL DRAFT, as of 10/17/2009

Anchorage- Northland Pioneer Grange Joint Meeting

Held October 5, 2009

At the Cooperative Extension Conference Room in Palmer, Alaska

 Those present

            From National Grange:  Ed Luttrell and Rusty Hunt

            From Greater Anchorage Grange:  Gaye Hunt and Norman Brown

            From Northland Pioneer Grange:  Bill Campbell, Lee Hecimovich, Lori Restad, Sig Restad, Art Robinson, Debra Robinson, Cliff Salisbury, Marjorie Salisbury, Brad Sworts, Kirsten Sworts, Tobin Sworts

 At 6:45, Ed Luttrell addressed the group and updated us on the Grange trademark protection effort.  He said that National had identified 400 possible infringements and anticipates spending $600, 000 in legal fees.  He also said that the National Grange will seek protection through federal legislation.  When the National Grange needs support, local Granges will be asked to write letters supporting the legislation.

 The group discussed having a “Grange Growth Summit” to help revitalize local Granges.  March 12-14, 2010 was the tentative weekend chosen for this to be held in the Palmer/Anchorage area.  The communities of Peter’s Creek, Willow, Trapper Creek Chugiak and Sutton were mentioned as possible places for new Granges. Two or more months prior to March 12-14, the GGS Team would place ads via air and print media about the Grange and upcoming meetings on March 13 in each of these communities and go to these communities several times to hand out Grange brochures and talk to people in the street, stores, at whatever meetings we could be invited to let them know about the Grange and that we would have a meeting in their community on March 13.  Lodging and meals would have to be arranged prior to March 12-14. There would be an April follow-up meeting.  A January meeting is necessary to plan strategy.

 At 7:45, John Poirrier, Don McKee and Alice McKee joined by phone for an Executive meeting.

 Ed Luttrell told John about the tentative “Grange Growth Summit” plans.

 Alice asked if the 6th degree could be taken the evening of April 30th at the North Pole Grange Hall in North Pole before the Alaska State Grange meeting, which will be held at Two Rivers on May 1, 2010.  John thought that would be OK. 

 Ed Luttrell explained that the Grange Foundation is cooperating with state Granges to provide 501(c)(3) status.  The Foundation would charge a 2% overhead.  Ed asked John to write a summary of the North Pole Grange’s plans to host a festival and send it to him via email.

 Ed informed us that a special session is planned for November 15, 2010 in Grand Rapids, MI to address property issues and e-membership resolutions.

 Slikok Creek is holding their meeting at 6:00 p.m., October 7 [at the Old Carrs Mall in Kenai]

Homer Grange is holding their meeting at 7:00 p.m., October 8 at the Bunnell Street Gallery.

 Those participating by phone signed off at approximately 8:45pm.

Art Robinson discussed partnering with other organizations.  He mentioned Stand Down, Inc., a non-profit he is involved with that aims to help veterans in need.  He said that they hold two events per year in Anchorage.  None had been held in the Valley yet.  Sig Restad made a motion that Northland Pioneer Grange partner with Stand Down to have an event in the Valley.  Brad seconded the motion and it carried.   The communities of Anchorage and the Valley are currently partnering and we wanted to expand the partnering to include the State and Community Granges.

 Ed Luttrell asked if there were other questions.  Lori asked about 501 status.  Ed said he had a document he would send by email that should help clarify matters.

 The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Convention 2009
Joint Meeting

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