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History of the North Star Grange #10

Four people (Scott Calder, Frank Turney, Mark Ames, and Mrs. Bouvier) met with granger David McKee on June 4, 2003 to discuss the possibility of forming a subordinate grange.

The first official meeting of the group was held on August 7, 2003, sixteen people present, at which time the name "North Star" was selected. Pete Robinson was elected as interim President of the group with James Williams as Secretary and Morgan McKee as Treasurer.

Kermit Richardson, Master of the National Grange, together with his wife, Margaret, and fifteen other grangers throughout the U.S. visited Fairbanks in July of 2003. While they were in Fairbanks, they initiated new members of the North Star Grange #10, Two Rivers Grange #3, and North Pole Grange #6.

Election of officers was conducted at the October 8, 2003 meeting with the following results:
bulletMaster           Peter Robinson
bulletOverseer       Yvonne McKee
bulletLecturer        Michelle Roller
bulletSteward         Dwane McKee
bulletA. Steward     Devlin McKee
bulletL.A. Steward  Theresa Gallegher
bulletTreasurer       Morgan McKee
bulletSecretary       James Williams
bulletGatekeeper    Scott Calder
bulletChaplain         Marsha Anne Dalton
bulletExec. Comm.  Scott Calder
                     Jan Dowe
                     Dwane McKee

David McKee presented the official North Star Grange #10 charter to the members. October 15 there was an installation of officers held jointly with the other subordinate granges at the North Pole Grange Hall.

The members of the North Star Grange #10 chose to adopt the Aldridge Park in south Fairbanks (which had fallen into complete disrepair) as a community service project and held a clean up of the park on May 8, 2004. Several work parties were held at the park. The interest of the members led to the appropriation of $100,000 to the Borough Parks and Recreation Department to totally redo the park. The renovation was completed in 2006.

Members suggested meeting in the J.P. Jones Center in the future. A few meetings were held there until the center began a total remodel and expansion of the facilities.

The North Star Grange #10 has met at the Don McKee home since the closing of the J.P. Jones Center. Danelle Kirschner, Master of North Star Grange #10, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the J.P. Jones Center and was also elected as the Secretary of the Alaska State Grange in 2006. She will keep members informed as to the status of the center, and the group plans to return to meeting there when the renovations are complete.

Meetings will be called by Master Danelle Kirschner throughout the winter of 2006-2007.

Compiled by Alice McKee, Nov. 2006

We are hoping to get pictures of J.P. Jones Center, Aldridge Park, and grange members to put here.

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